A shaky non stop train at full speed !!!! [ mile 62 ]*

by daveed guillermo

We do not as a rule or inclination step back to reflect about ourselves, personal relations, job, religion, or our daily experiences, but it is central in our daily life to do so to establish peace of mind. If we do not make it a habit to reflect about what matters the most to us..


we certainly do not take time to reflect  about abstract  and intangible  things we do not really care ..


It is not our rationale, the “speed of the train” the speed is control by our subconscious 90% percent  mind over  our  conscious  10%  But without realizing it, we may go through our whole life ignoring the time-space of our past and future in our  present.  In some point, already late, we will  bring  to an  end  the  fast  tracking   race  and   ask   to  ourselves:   What happened ?


progressive  self   refection*