After your one minute reflection what should you do ? [ mile 63 ]*

by daveed guillermo

Always I  state  that perfection it is not possible, doesn’t exist.  I am right,  my last posted  “mile 63”  it  wasn’t  really  “perfect”  at  all,  here is again. Sorry.


You should literally do nothing. Just feel good about yourself  or go  and  fly a kite


Every time you take one  minute for  reflecting  you  are  building  a  peace of mind  bridge   between  your subconscious  90%  and your  conscious 10%  Your  subconscious every time  you reflect  began  to be acquainted with  a “colleague”  in the other side of the bridge, your conscious and grasp that most  likely  that  jointly should  be  friends.

Is all this a metaphor ? sure but this  metaphor will  turn  a  reality  when  the 90% recognize the other 10%  of your  one-self . The day this  happened  you will  feel  all in concert  within your  Inner Universe  that…  yes !  is  your  own  Independence Day !

This day  you  will  discover   what  I  am  talking  about,  

Let me know this moment,   I will celebrate  it  with  you. seeya

Progressive Self Reflection *