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Month: December, 2013

Two Thousand 13 with more time and space come up to; Two Thousand 14.

In high spirit from my soul to you, family and friends welcome to all  Holidays  and   POW  !!! new  year  2014 !!!


When we make plans and set objectives and goals for the future, all our projections are always made in the present. We are never actually in the future. We live and die in the present, never in the future.

Today, GO  and shake and move your dreams , whishes and goals.  Have a great time right now.  Let the future hanging with the calendar you hold in the wall of your kitchen. Let the problems and solutions to the calendar. When you arrive to your determined date then  suddenly  you will have all  solutions  for what you want.

Take advantages and reward yourself  every instant of  2014.  Move step by step  on  what you really want  right now and notice that  all looks change in your side. The sun rise  and recycle every  new day with new opportunities.    

Please close your eyes, now take un  uncomplicated, free compromised five seconds  of your time and  just  be yourself.

I wish  all WP  and Twitter people have jumbo upbeats sunrises all  Two Thousand  14, seeya



Three Thousand 13 with more time and space come up to; Three Thousand 14.

In some point you use your mind to take off and fly  to the future.  You are using an extraordinary gift of nature; your abstract intelligence reflection  of time and space projecting yourself into your imagination.

We humans in the Universe  are the only creatures capable of depart from the present to the future and come back  to our present position, astonishing !!

Animals can’t do it at all. I have never seen a cat or dog making and appointment for  next week.

Here in WP with the posted title you already disappeared to your abstract future and come back, remarkable.



One thousand 13 , with more time and space come up to , One Thousand 14

One and Self

 The most difficult challenge in life is to have the determination to change the position of our time and space to balance the universe of our emotions, intellect and spirit within. When you achieve this peace of mind and unity it is not to be a hero, martyr, or warrior, not money, fame, image, relations or power, nor academic, political, business, military or religious status.

 It is the art to be yourself.

 In the serenity of a face and simple natural attitude of a person is where you recognize it. Once in a while, we capture a glimpse of a vision like this and every time it intercepts our senses and strikes and collides with our mind this kind of One and Self  expression, is in this instant, when our imagination wonders and marvels how she or he make it to this position.



El reto más difícil en la vida es tener la determinación y compromiso  para cambiar la posición de nuestro tiempo y espacio para equilibrar el universo de nuestras emociones, intelecto y espíritu con nuestro interior. Cuando consigues esa paz mental y unidad, no es para convertirte en héroe, mártir, o guerrero, ni para conseguir dinero, fama, imagen, relaciones o poder tampoco, status académico, político, comercial, militar o religioso.

 Es el arte de ser tú mismo.


 En la serenidad de un rostro y en la simple y natural actitud de una persona es donde lo reconocemos.  De vez en cuando capturamos un vistazo de una imagen como esa y, cada vez, intercepta nuestros sentidos y golpea y colisiona con nuestra mente ese tipo de expresión propia; es en ese instante cuando nuestra imaginación vaga y se maravilla por cómo él o ella han llegado a esta posición.