Two Thousand 13 with more time and space come up to; Two Thousand 14.

by daveed guillermo

In high spirit from my soul to you, family and friends welcome to all  Holidays  and   POW  !!! new  year  2014 !!!


When we make plans and set objectives and goals for the future, all our projections are always made in the present. We are never actually in the future. We live and die in the present, never in the future.

Today, GO  and shake and move your dreams , whishes and goals.  Have a great time right now.  Let the future hanging with the calendar you hold in the wall of your kitchen. Let the problems and solutions to the calendar. When you arrive to your determined date then  suddenly  you will have all  solutions  for what you want.

Take advantages and reward yourself  every instant of  2014.  Move step by step  on  what you really want  right now and notice that  all looks change in your side. The sun rise  and recycle every  new day with new opportunities.    

Please close your eyes, now take un  uncomplicated, free compromised five seconds  of your time and  just  be yourself.

I wish  all WP  and Twitter people have jumbo upbeats sunrises all  Two Thousand  14, seeya