My mind and imagination Parallel to WordPress

There is a plane in between the Inner Universe and the Natural Universe. It is a plane that does not have its own time-space parallels. It has no beginning or end. It doesn’t have a base or a structure. It is not physical or intellectual, subjective or objective. It has no boundaries, force, matter or anti-matter, yet this plane is not an illusion, a ghost, or a miracle. It is not a dream or a fantasy, either. It is not a meditation, nor a religion. It cannot be described as real, abstract, finite, or eternal. It is not subject to gravity, nor does it travel at light speed. It has no dimensions or weight. We can’t use it for experiments or obtain any data about it. Therefore, we cannot make theories about it.  We cannot create a graphic representation of this plane because we cannot fathom what it is.  Despite being unable to use our senses to detect it, we cannot say it is nothing. It is our mind and imagination  connected to WordPress, our parallel plane.


Today I have one year  my mind and imagination bring into play on with WordPress. I got a message from them, tks again, seeya