Update the Traffic Light Signals of Mind

by daveed guillermo

The  massive flow of all  information between the  time / space out of our  mind,  I mean the  world around  us,  and our  one  and  self  mind  works  like a well-designed system of traffic signals.  By green lighting some bits of  information denote  go,  other  yellow lighting  it prioritizes slows  or  red indicate  stop.

But some times the traffic signals  doesn’t  in fact  send the right color indication and we just go when we need stop ! or  stop when we should  go ! and  to  making  it worst  the yellow light  by no means works ! 


Wait: “red light” A word of caution,  It is not really your  blunder  just that our  subconscious code or  involuntary acts are  90 % percent of our whole  mind  and  the other 10 %  percent is our  conscious code  or  voluntary acts.

The secret to signals reorganize better and work again as  “go”  “slow”  and “stop”   is unwinding  and loosening up  your  one and  self.  Go with a friend to movies, walk  in the street of your city, see the sky, the sun, night or rain,  read a book  or  magazine do anything  you  really like and send for a while no matter what  the whole things  else to  hell !

The traffic lights will work again, seeya