We have munched 70 000 thousand years inside 100 years of our human being, now what ?

by daveed guillermo

All  our human  acknowledgment  from the  last 70 000 thousand years has been  compressed inside 100 hundred years  from 1913 to 2013. 

Today without stop from 2014 to 2024 we are condensing the last 70 000 years + 100  years with a colorful dreadful machine inside the next 10 years.  This means you and I have the next 10 years  to gulp down 70 000 + 100 years of everything we know and  who we are.


At the present our life is been concentrate, squeeze,    dehydrated and  pack  into food for the colorful machine.

Is all this a tragedy?  no, is just the way had been, it is and will be from now.

Now what ?  I am sure you have your plan, I have one, seeya next.