The colorful chewing machine . II

by daveed guillermo


Following our last time together in  WP chattering  on  a  “colorful dreadful  machine”   that  will  pack  all of us  like  digital  food  the next  ten years  the question  I  had  was:  “now what” ?  ….

My  past question  doesn’t  have  any  logic,  is  a  sophism.  The question  is  comparable  if  I  asked    ” Can God build  a stone so big  that  he  can’t  haul up  from the floor ? ”   The inquiry  can’t  be answer.  God is an Universal  thought and the stone a  particular one.  We can not  merge  one Universal  concept  with  a particular  one

The “colorful machine”  is  an  Universal concept  and  we are one  by one  a particular single one formed  by  mind, body and spirit:  One-Self.

The  “colorful machine”   has its own mechanical  power  / it  need to be connect  up  with  electricity power.  But  we do not need  an electric  cord o batteries to be  attach to anything,   we  have  each as  One-Self   and  immeasurable , unlimited, vast  and  never-ending  an  inner  brilliant  energy  and the freedom to use the way we want.

If  so, let’s use  it  !!!   seeya next