The colorful machine @ the ugly . V I I

by daveed guillermo


The ugly 

For 70 000 thousand years at the present time  as human being, people, citizens, community  group, natives, society or nation we are immobile, frozen  Why ?  Because  our  one and self   to exist  use and put  into effect  absent  of  any change  our ancestors  philosophy  to  survive and grow up.  Today  still  we bring into play   in our  life’s  the same philosophy  from  70 000 years ago !!!

Our philosophy of  thinking,  act,  value  position,   beliefs,  meditation  or  pray, feelings , emotions, mind-set  and attitude are the same.  This resonance ugly  to you, isn’t ?

But without  science and  technology at all  we could  go back  to our relatives elderly life style. Please think a second about it,   Imagine your existence right now and exclusive from your  life of  any element of Science and technology.

Me? I can’t do it  for an instant.

however,  here,  we will update our  one and self  philosophy  for  today  XXI  time and space century.  

Human’s art  had been in the past,  will be in the future and are in our present  the most value we have since our alpha position in this  universe.

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