One thing the “colorful Machine” can’t do…..ride a bicycle!!

by daveed guillermo


With certainty,  the ” colorful machine” doesn’t have a bicycle.  Any Supercomputer  or Electronic Central  Unit Mainframe CPU  Processing of  every  “colorful machine” do not have a bicycle or  is  adapted  to the simple act of ride one, but this  is not the main dynamic problem.

In other words, the question for you. What  do you need to ride a bicycle, keep  you in balance and keep you in equilibrium paddling ?   Already I assume you have a bicycle, besides I take for granted also you already know how to ride.  Moreover  I think you have all your body pieces in place.  I am roughly sure  that  no matter what you are thinking the answer is not accurate, but if you have the right reply,  good !

Before you ride one feet ahead your bicycle it is essential you have a mental  place and point to go.  It doesn’t matter how far or the place you want to ride  if you do not have an end to go you can’t begin to ride.

The   “colorful machine” doesn’t  have any  “point”  “target”  “place” or  end  to go. The “colorful machine”  ending point is marketing you and me to generate its dietary food  /  cash profits.

But you and I have the opportunity to make use of the “colorful machine” and  ride our  personal bicycle because we have the freedom to choice for good or bad  our objective  and  end points.

Also we have the lack of restrictions and free will to  make an assessment if  it worth to just be connect  or  be for life attached  to one or many of  thousands  “colorful machines”  in  today  massive virtual cyberspace.

You can  ride you own bicycle to the place you want to go or  “ride”  the  “colorful machine”  to any place the “colorful machine” want to take you. 

All  is up to you.

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