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Month: May, 2014

If you are young, live like young. If you are old, live like young.


Once we have developed a character, we may develop  

our  unique  identity surrounded  by the culture where we live.  

Our character and identity  navigate in  time-space. within

our  past, future and  present shrouded by our

way and style  of  life.

Time and space takes us from childhood through youth

 to adult and  old age. In each one of these stages  of our life  

we may adopt a different character and identity  relative

to our age point.                      

A  child  does not  has sufficient   history  and  depends

on  the experience  of  others. On the other hand,  adolescents

 have some  history, but they have the  greatest  of  gift; 

free will  and freedom.  The rebelliousness of the young is

often due to the difficulty in balancing a minimal past that

has been mostly controlled by others, with an  inconceivable

future in front of them full of  endless  open possibilities.

Childs talk about  home,  youngest about friends,  

adults on present  and future. 

Older  about  home, friends, pets  and  all the time

on the subject matter  of  their  past.

seeya then


Now you have in your day life more time for:


* Your  One and  Self .

* Sing Hallelujah ! in the shower 

* Your family  and friends

* Your  girl friend  or  boy friend

* Relax and sleep  like a rock

* Date and dating.  Love and  Loving

* Have lunch, dinner or coffee  with 

people you like.

* For fresh  and  spotless  mind  reflections

* Read  a  book,  be aware of poetry,  go to movies

or do anything.

* Go  to  a  rock,  salsa,  opera,. rap  or 

chamber  music concert

* Exercise  and drink a lot of plain cold  water

* Use your senses and glance this overwhelming  

world  around you.

* Help others  that do not understand what

 we are  here  talking about

* Allow people  help  you  when you need  it 

* Share all  your expectations  and  future  that 

are not  in your hands  to  an  invisible  highest  plane.

* Say thank you all the time

Seeya then

Taking back your Life …


Without  exception  for all of us a day have 24 hours.

 In a day  we just  can  be in three places:  

Home,  working  or  school  and with our  free  time.

Get  back  your  days  and  life  cutting  in  ½   half :

* What  you eat

* Wasting  time  with  useless, vacuum brains   “social media”

* Tedious, monotonous  dull  programs from your 460 TV  channels.

* Sports  playing for billion dollars business  games  without  any  

intended  to compete  or  spirit  for  sporting

* Political  campaigns.  You know instantly  who is who without  discourses  or  speeches.

* Alcohol drinks,  snacks, munchies, sodas,  sugar, “sport drinks”

* Angry, fight, obsession , envy, competition, fear, success,  defeat, 

vengeance, revenge. mad,  punishment,  jealousy, suspicion,  distrust.

* Anxious,   nervous,   concerned,   apprehensive,   restless.  

* Praying God,  He is full of  activity. He will appreciate you.

* With people turn off your  cell and  all  internet, great !

seeya then,

Be authentic from beginning to end and the world will take every one step in your side


Do whatever is in your spirit. For eternity look up. Put thumbs

down or up. Indifferent to all believe in your dreams. Stop  a revolution.

Start a revolution. Sleep like an oyster. Change a few things.

Follow  a  “social” website. Abandon the catnap useless one..

Learn music. Study a new language. Jump.  Lay down. Swim.

Drive a taxi. Clean your  house. Cry.  Give a gift. Sleep on the floor.

Be silly. Get serious.  Cook your favorite food.  Put pen to paper

for poetry. Go from PC  to Mac  and  back again. See the world.

Take a risk. Take a risk again. Walk any place. Exercise.  Smile. 

Say thank you many & many  times, Talk. Shut up. Practice yoga. 

Do not mediate but reflect. Make a choice. Work hard. Listen in silent.

Watch the  sun rise and set. Flirt some one, Fight your enemy.

Go movies. Boogie. Play baroque music. Pray. Rockn’ roll.

Light four candles for your strength. Do not try to please. everybody.

Forget about victory. Feel good. Make a new friend. Make a

new enemy. Be calm. No over act. Show your  true feelings.

Try not to be aggressive, sarcastic, or controversial. Do not worry.

Procrastinate. Wait.  Date some one you like. Send  hell the other one.

No matter what be modest. Smile regularly a petite.

Put aside over again one cent.

seeya then,

The feel and emotion of being one and self is beyond any life rate


Be a superstar. Sing. Visit a museum. Read a biography.

Have a baby. Adopt a baby. Go to a disco. Visit a library.

Get a new job.  Go to school. Get a pet. Go to the mountains.

Go to the beach. Pay consideration to all your senses.

Put your feet up. Go to the zoo. Go fast. Go slow. Ask for help.

Offer help. Challenge everything. Accept everything. Listen.

Smell. Touch. Taste. Love. See everything. Say no once again,

say yes once again.  Be kind.  Turn the bad things better. Not hate.

  1. Imagine.  Get a  life and be free.  Be truly alive with wonder.

All things that are simple and ordinary  are the ones that  survive

on  time and pace.. Millions of years ago, dinosaurs ceased to exist,

while common green vegetation and multicolored flowers still thrive.

seeya then,

If you think you are lost, is because you are lost.


When  you consider  every part of  the time  that  you are lost  is

because  your  10 % percent  conscious  of  your  mind   in fact

is  lost.  Accurately  who  is lost  is  not  you  but   the other

90 % percent  subconscious  of  your  psyche.

At  the  time  your  subconscious  doesn’t  locate the information

you  require  just  get  lost  !!  and  simple,  passed

the   “blunder”  to you.

But  this is an excellent  opportunity  to  explore  and   look  at

your  being  one and  self.   I call  One:  the world  that  encircle you  and

Self:  your  individual  unique  being.

Allow  you   to  take  some  time  and   “mirror”  your  past and future  in

your  present,  in a little while  you  will  be  in  the pathway  you  want.

Believe  that  you are  not  actually  lost  just  temporary disoriented

seeya then.

Women are sharper, brighter, smarter, efficient, quicker and more clever then men, oops !


For  only one single reason,  we  men  in  no  way couldn’t   understand  

women were created  and assembled  to be pregnant..

 With this sine qua none foundation  women   have  a biology,  psychology 

and  life  philosophy  evocative  to  some  unique  class of  poetry.

Women are more  loyalty,  friendly, bear difficulties, maintain

constancy,  faithfulness, trusty and  friendship.

Women conceive and  delivery babies  to this world from  their

own only  universe.  From the  instant  they imagine their babies  they are  

devoted for life  to them.  From Inside, before a baby is born  they failed  

at once  in love,  As soon they are outside  they  love  them  unconditionally  

for  all their existence  and  keeping  loving  them  after  they departed.

 Do you  agreed ?

seeya then.

Mind-numbing ? If we accept that someday we are going to die, it is fair to think that someday we have to actually start living.


Mind-numbing  ?  If we accept that someday we are going to die, it is fair to think that someday we have to actually  start living. 

But how and where should we start?  As a metaphor there

 is a story of a man who had to cross a huge dessert with his camel

and a small bottle of water. The desert represents our life

and its uncertainty. The small bottle of water is the

limited supply of major opportunities and options we

have in life.

How many opportunities do we have in a lifetime to

 find somebody to love, to follow  the profession we choose,

 or to move to a better place? How many options do

we come across

 to have an authentic friend  or  to form a family for

future generations?  Think about  it.

Still  tedious and boring  ?   keep  watching  your  TV

seeya then

We spend every moment of our lives at the edge of our future.


Right now, in our actual position,  our present  is the “end” of our existence.

The end of our life is this very moment. When we make  plans and

set objectives and goals for the future,  all our  projections

 are always made in the present. We are never actually in the future.

We live and die in the present, never in the future.

It is functional,  constructive and  valuable  to do

what  we would  like  to do now,  don’t you think?

seeya then,  

You can use your imagination to travel anywhere in time and space.


In a straight line use it and … see where it takes you!

I am sure will be cool you be acquainted  by  your  journey

seeya then

When we lose all we have and parallel lose all we love….Homeless ?


In one shocking situation we can lose all we have. Business, money,

home,  living  town and entire personal possessions,  so far  each

and every part of what we worked for all of our lives is gone.


In the most  of  terrible situation we can lose all we have and at  

the same time  all  that  we love.  Family, love, relatives, health,

even your pets and  then your utmost possession; 

your faith!  in one-self.


But  at this point we are not Homeless until we lose our mind and

our future  in  our present.  Let’s keep  straightforward

being  alive in  this world  and  say  “No  and  Bye”  to the  past.

seeya then

Why do we say “Yes” when we want to say “No” ?


We exist ambushed  in  an  abstract  concentric circle  of  “Yes”  or  “No”  decisions.  

Some  are  inconsequential, modest others are so crucial  that  one decision can  change our life forever.

In personal relations we do not speak when we want or need to speak, or we speak when

we know it is out of place.  

We indulge in acquaintanceships with people we do not necessarily like or care  about us.

On the other hand, maybe we are more likely to pass up honest relations that can do good to  us   

On a professional and faith  level, we are more likely to agree to business deals we know

in advance will not success.  We obey the rules to religions and attend churches that

do not represent our own faith, choosing simply to go through the motions.

 In many situations, we do not even know whether to say “yes” or “no”.

Why ?  It is not our blunder or  fault.  This happens when we lack of balance and stability

connecting  our One and Self Universe.   

One  [  the world  ]   Self    [ me –  I ]    Universe   [ life  ]

 Saying  “no” or “yes,”  we are welding our past and future in our present.

seeya then,

The main and essential question we ask ourselves all the time:


As a child, teenager or even as adults we ask “where do we come from”? 

There are countless scientific, hi-tech, extraterrestrial, technological, cryptic,

esoteric and theological answers:

I  have a very uncomplicated answer:  

It is not a secret, that one by one we come out of our mothers, or not ?

seeya then