Women are sharper, brighter, smarter, efficient, quicker and more clever then men, oops !

by daveed guillermo


For  only one single reason,  we  men  in  no  way couldn’t   understand  

women were created  and assembled  to be pregnant..

 With this sine qua none foundation  women   have  a biology,  psychology 

and  life  philosophy  evocative  to  some  unique  class of  poetry.

Women are more  loyalty,  friendly, bear difficulties, maintain

constancy,  faithfulness, trusty and  friendship.

Women conceive and  delivery babies  to this world from  their

own only  universe.  From the  instant  they imagine their babies  they are  

devoted for life  to them.  From Inside, before a baby is born  they failed  

at once  in love,  As soon they are outside  they  love  them  unconditionally  

for  all their existence  and  keeping  loving  them  after  they departed.

 Do you  agreed ?

seeya then.