If you think you are lost, is because you are lost.

by daveed guillermo


When  you consider  every part of  the time  that  you are lost  is

because  your  10 % percent  conscious  of  your  mind   in fact

is  lost.  Accurately  who  is lost  is  not  you  but   the other

90 % percent  subconscious  of  your  psyche.

At  the  time  your  subconscious  doesn’t  locate the information

you  require  just  get  lost  !!  and  simple,  passed

the   “blunder”  to you.

But  this is an excellent  opportunity  to  explore  and   look  at

your  being  one and  self.   I call  One:  the world  that  encircle you  and

Self:  your  individual  unique  being.

Allow  you   to  take  some  time  and   “mirror”  your  past and future  in

your  present,  in a little while  you  will  be  in  the pathway  you  want.

Believe  that  you are  not  actually  lost  just  temporary disoriented

seeya then.