The feel and emotion of being one and self is beyond any life rate

by daveed guillermo


Be a superstar. Sing. Visit a museum. Read a biography.

Have a baby. Adopt a baby. Go to a disco. Visit a library.

Get a new job.  Go to school. Get a pet. Go to the mountains.

Go to the beach. Pay consideration to all your senses.

Put your feet up. Go to the zoo. Go fast. Go slow. Ask for help.

Offer help. Challenge everything. Accept everything. Listen.

Smell. Touch. Taste. Love. See everything. Say no once again,

say yes once again.  Be kind.  Turn the bad things better. Not hate.

  1. Imagine.  Get a  life and be free.  Be truly alive with wonder.

All things that are simple and ordinary  are the ones that  survive

on  time and pace.. Millions of years ago, dinosaurs ceased to exist,

while common green vegetation and multicolored flowers still thrive.

seeya then,