Be authentic from beginning to end and the world will take every one step in your side

by daveed guillermo


Do whatever is in your spirit. For eternity look up. Put thumbs

down or up. Indifferent to all believe in your dreams. Stop  a revolution.

Start a revolution. Sleep like an oyster. Change a few things.

Follow  a  “social” website. Abandon the catnap useless one..

Learn music. Study a new language. Jump.  Lay down. Swim.

Drive a taxi. Clean your  house. Cry.  Give a gift. Sleep on the floor.

Be silly. Get serious.  Cook your favorite food.  Put pen to paper

for poetry. Go from PC  to Mac  and  back again. See the world.

Take a risk. Take a risk again. Walk any place. Exercise.  Smile. 

Say thank you many & many  times, Talk. Shut up. Practice yoga. 

Do not mediate but reflect. Make a choice. Work hard. Listen in silent.

Watch the  sun rise and set. Flirt some one, Fight your enemy.

Go movies. Boogie. Play baroque music. Pray. Rockn’ roll.

Light four candles for your strength. Do not try to please. everybody.

Forget about victory. Feel good. Make a new friend. Make a

new enemy. Be calm. No over act. Show your  true feelings.

Try not to be aggressive, sarcastic, or controversial. Do not worry.

Procrastinate. Wait.  Date some one you like. Send  hell the other one.

No matter what be modest. Smile regularly a petite.

Put aside over again one cent.

seeya then,