Taking back your Life …

by daveed guillermo


Without  exception  for all of us a day have 24 hours.

 In a day  we just  can  be in three places:  

Home,  working  or  school  and with our  free  time.

Get  back  your  days  and  life  cutting  in  ½   half :

* What  you eat

* Wasting  time  with  useless, vacuum brains   “social media”

* Tedious, monotonous  dull  programs from your 460 TV  channels.

* Sports  playing for billion dollars business  games  without  any  

intended  to compete  or  spirit  for  sporting

* Political  campaigns.  You know instantly  who is who without  discourses  or  speeches.

* Alcohol drinks,  snacks, munchies, sodas,  sugar, “sport drinks”

* Angry, fight, obsession , envy, competition, fear, success,  defeat, 

vengeance, revenge. mad,  punishment,  jealousy, suspicion,  distrust.

* Anxious,   nervous,   concerned,   apprehensive,   restless.  

* Praying God,  He is full of  activity. He will appreciate you.

* With people turn off your  cell and  all  internet, great !

seeya then,