Now you have in your day life more time for:

by daveed guillermo


* Your  One and  Self .

* Sing Hallelujah ! in the shower 

* Your family  and friends

* Your  girl friend  or  boy friend

* Relax and sleep  like a rock

* Date and dating.  Love and  Loving

* Have lunch, dinner or coffee  with 

people you like.

* For fresh  and  spotless  mind  reflections

* Read  a  book,  be aware of poetry,  go to movies

or do anything.

* Go  to  a  rock,  salsa,  opera,. rap  or 

chamber  music concert

* Exercise  and drink a lot of plain cold  water

* Use your senses and glance this overwhelming  

world  around you.

* Help others  that do not understand what

 we are  here  talking about

* Allow people  help  you  when you need  it 

* Share all  your expectations  and  future  that 

are not  in your hands  to  an  invisible  highest  plane.

* Say thank you all the time

Seeya then