If you are young, live like young. If you are old, live like young.

by daveed guillermo


Once we have developed a character, we may develop  

our  unique  identity surrounded  by the culture where we live.  

Our character and identity  navigate in  time-space. within

our  past, future and  present shrouded by our

way and style  of  life.

Time and space takes us from childhood through youth

 to adult and  old age. In each one of these stages  of our life  

we may adopt a different character and identity  relative

to our age point.                      

A  child  does not  has sufficient   history  and  depends

on  the experience  of  others. On the other hand,  adolescents

 have some  history, but they have the  greatest  of  gift; 

free will  and freedom.  The rebelliousness of the young is

often due to the difficulty in balancing a minimal past that

has been mostly controlled by others, with an  inconceivable

future in front of them full of  endless  open possibilities.

Childs talk about  home,  youngest about friends,  

adults on present  and future. 

Older  about  home, friends, pets  and  all the time

on the subject matter  of  their  past.

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