Are you 38 years old or further ? then this is not your planet

by daveed guillermo


For  your 38 year birthday  you had  have already  the

opportunity and  allowance for mistakes, blunder, errors,

slip-up, trouble, oversight, miscalculations, omissions,  

pay attention, listen  or  have  any  considerations.  Affecting 

and  disturbing family, relatives,  friends all of  us including  

this  planet. To this point  we  understand  because all the

chaos and the poor status  we live today  you had been  

inherit  as a legacy  from wacky  negligent older  people.

But  after your 38 birthday  this is not you planet anymore.

At this time  all  you do will  be transfer  to young  girls

and boys behind  you  exactly  the same elder  shifted  to you. 

Today for many years in  front  of  have  a great  opportunity

 to let new generations  a balance  and decent  place to live.  

Everyone including   this  planet  will  give you  a standing 

ovation of  appreciation.

seeya then