Are you a cat in the Air ?

by daveed guillermo


When you flip a cat up into the air the cat always measures

the distance from the air to the floor, the cat will always concentrate

and focus on the floor.  Does not complain, feel angry, blame

or point a culpability to any one for sending him up into the air.

The cat while up in the air  will  twisted, bent, curved, coiled or corkscrewed  

however  his four feet  always pointed to the floor. The cat knows by instinct  

and character that at some point he  will fall down to the floor again. 

The cat  by no means lands on his head, side or butt always lands on his four feet.

By nature when you flip the cat up he will not pray, beg or ask but instead  

he will  yell a big  MEOW!

Let’s learn to survive from the simple cat’s instincts and  our own intelligence

and character. When life throws you  up  into the air,  concentrate on the problem. 

Don’t complain,  feel angry, blame or point a culpability to someone else.

Stay calm,  no over act,  wait.  At some point you will  land on top of the problem.

When you think smart  and  constructive you also will land on your

own two feet and  not your  ass.

Seeya then.